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No more talking. only images. want to talk? go to the hideout bro

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Chuds are a natural phenomenon
based tbh doe?

File: dfd0b34e9d7fee3566d4957efb27121a.jpg (302 KB, 700x713) [EXIF]
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elaborate, i got my dick out
got taught about sex when i was like 7 or 8. shit was not cash money.
forgot to add it involved me being touched by teenage girls. i would get diddled by one of them when i was 13.
can you write out a full story? please?

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File: bop.mp4 (382 KB) [EXIF]
why are they so high
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File: cope.png (13 KB, 191x255) [EXIF]
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>full collection real raped girls 16-45 age.

>list links collection
me if i was real

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Average kuz supporter
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File: 1956.jpg (93 KB, 719x900) [EXIF]
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kuz should have gone for this look
>he doesn't know
File: lqz8xccq75o71.jpg (46 KB, 500x669) [EXIF]
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File: littlegirl.jpg (21 KB, 236x327) [EXIF]
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You don’t realize how complex this vocal is until you try to sing it.
In the verses, like at 0:31 - that phrasing and rhythm is not easy. He’s timing each note perfectly so that his vocal actually has its own rhythm and melody. And while he’s doing it, he’s switching back and forth between his middle and lower registers.

Then at 0:35 he changes from chest voice to head voice for that light sound. Switching from the lowest part of your range to the highest, that fast, is not easy. You need very good control.

Then for the choruses he completely changes his voice to a more gritty rock sound. Again, that is not easy, because you have to use a completely different technique.
That note at 0:52 is also really high, especially for someone with a deeper voice, like Elvis.

Then at 1:01 he uses a vocal fry for the low notes and goes back to that original full sound.
Then at 1:13 he changes his voice to sound similar to an opera singer. Then goes back to the original sound.

In the 3 minutes this song lasts, he uses every part of his range, makes constant changes to the texture of his voice, uses different vocal techniques, different rhythms, different phrasings, uses vocal fry, chest voice, head voice, intentional off-pitch notes ... and he’s doing all those things throughout the entire song.

File: 1631632702214.jpg (35 KB, 518x564) [EXIF]
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File: 1631609342005.png (511 KB, 2185x1773) [EXIF]
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>>952778 on the left
>>952777 on the right

File: jak.png (23 KB, 300x359) [EXIF]
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>Kuz is real because... because science said so!
File: 1631551340685.jpg (58 KB, 708x800) [EXIF]
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>Good morning buddy!
File: 600px-ETBsoyjak.png (32 KB, 600x600) [EXIF]
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>You WILL only eat raw ingredients
>You WILL not use wireless devices
>You WILL minimize your exposure to car fumes
>You WILL Walk more often
>You WILL spend less time on the internet (except for on my websites, in that case, spend more)
>You WILL not play video games or watch TV
>You WILL not jerk off
>You WILL not take the vaccine
>You WILL not take pills
>You WILL drink my herbal tears
>You WILL sleep regularly
>You WILL get sunlight
>You WILL take out your headphones
>You WILL post on 9ch
>and you WILL buy vip
File: 450px-Wholesome_soyjak.png (34 KB, 450x600) [EXIF]
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>Well wished! I got married on August 20th. I will take an extended break this september, im happy with everything
File: 1592751305911.gif (614 KB, 300x400) [EXIF]
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